Digging for Britain

Alice Roberts visits archeological excavations around the United Kingdom, linking the results of digs and investigations across the country. This four-episode series unearths the amazing stories and thrilling treasures hidden just below Britain's surface.


Air Date: February 17, 2020 - 59:12
In this episode, we're in the east of Britain. Finds Include revelations from 'Britain's Pompeii,' the theatre where Shakespeare premiered Romeo and Juliet and Henry V, and evidence that we may have found the location of the Battle of Barnet.
Air Date: February 10, 2020 - 59:25
In this episode, we're in the north of Britain. Finds include evidence for the first Roman siege, Britain's most famous monastery, Lindisfarne, and the incredible discovery of ancient Scottish man-made islands.
Air Date: February 03, 2020 - 59:22
In this episode, we're in the West of Britain. Finds include the lost WWI training trenches on Salisbury Plain, Britain's first double henge, and luxury foreign goods discovered at Tintagel, the legendary childhood home of King Arthur.