Candidates for the Ontario Liberal leadership debate the issues, moderated by Steve Paikin.
Lisa Thompson in a media scrum from the article The Ford government likes change for change's sake. That's not always a bad thing
OPINION: Thanks to their licence-plate bungling, the Tories have had a rough week. But it's worth looking at some recent policy moves that haven't gone wrong.  
two politicians
Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry and Conservative MPP Donna Skelly have different views on how to support advanced manufacturing and innovation in Ontario's auto, aerospace and medical sectors. Is it through grants or cutting red tape for businesses?
Bombardier plant manager Dave Black from the article Next time you ride the Toronto subway, think of Thunder Bay
If you’re riding the trains or streetcars in Toronto, remember the folks in the northwest who made it possible.

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Published On: February 19, 2020
OPINION: The Tories love to rail against the Liberal record on “corporate welfare.” But are they any better?
Published On: February 18, 2020
TVO's Ontario politics podcast kicks off a new season.
Published On: February 17, 2020
University history professor Robert Teigrob discusses his book, "Four Days in Hitler's Germany: Mackenzie King's Mission to Avert a Second World War."
Published On: February 14, 2020
Labour was crushed in the last election. A new report lays out why — and it should give politicians in this province lots to think about.
Published On: February 11, 2020
Conservative MPP Randy Pettapiece and Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner look at how farmers are transforming their operations with technical innovations, and debate what role government should play in supporting large and small scale farms.
Published On: February 11, 2020
How are the teacher strikes sitting with the public. We discuss perception vs. reality when it comes to union negotiations with the Ontario government.
Published On: February 11, 2020
OPINION: Agriculture may be the most visible form of industry in rural parts of the province, but it hasn’t been the primary employer there for decades. Do we need to rethink our approach to subsidies?
Published On: February 11, 2020
ANALYSIS: New Democrat MPPs are about to head off on a retreat — and you have to think their party’s third-place standing will be top of mind.
Published On: February 10, 2020
Last week, political veterans met with newbie senators behind closed doors. Here’s what they had to say about navigating a minority government.  
Published On: February 07, 2020
OPINION: The Progressive Conservatives have announced they’re ready to introduce a new bill and regulations to speed up transit planning. They may not be ready for the backlash.
Published On: February 06, 2020
How can the CRTC, Canada's communications regulator, better reflect the digital egosystem?
Published On: February 06, 2020
When it comes to teachers, the Tories are being smarter than you’d expect Dek: OPINION: During its first year in office, the Ford government advanced unpopular proposals and then backpedalled. It’s gotten more cautious — and a whole lot shrewder Cutline: Striking teachers from Kew Beach Junior Public School, in Toronto, on January 20.   
Published On: February 05, 2020
The GTA has a housing crisis, but residents are often opposed to things like new semi-detached homes. That’s something the Tories will have to reckon with.
Published On: February 03, 2020 speaks with the only non-GTA, non-Ottawa candidate about why she’d be the best person to get the provincial party out of its current dire straits.
Published On: January 28, 2020
Toronto City Councillors Jim Karygiannis and Anthony Peruzza debate the mass transit needs of Toronto's residents, from the Bloor-Danforth Subway Extension to the Finch West LRT, and the Province's new plan to expand the subway.
Published On: January 28, 2020
It’s been a decade since Rob Ford thundered into the mayor’s office with his mantra of “subways, subways, subways.” In all that time, we still haven’t figured out what  subways are for.
Published On: January 27, 2020
Does Ontario have enough skilled-trade workers to get planned projects done on time and on budget?
Published On: January 24, 2020
The Conservative Party of Canada will soon choose a new leader. What is the state of the race today?