Josh Sherman


Josh Sherman is an assistant editor for Ontario Hubs.

Josh Sherman's articles

Published On: Oct 17,2019
Are remote northern Indigenous communities prepared for more — and worse — floods?  
Published On: Oct 04,2019
London’s Native Inter-tribal Housing Co-operative has had to sell off properties to make ends meet. What will the federal election mean for its survival?
Published On: Jul 24,2019
The Canadian Arabic Conservatory of Music is teaching students to play the qanun and the tabla — and helping to “spread the culture."
Published On: Oct 19,2018
Therapy dogs visit seniors’ residences, schools, community centres, and libraries — and demand is growing. Is your canine qualified for the job?
Published On: Feb 13,2018
 Across Ontario, services provide supplies for pet owners struggling to make ends meet — and the demand is growing.