Jon Thompson


Jon Thompson is TVO’s northwestern Ontario reporter.

Jon Thompson's articles

Published On: Jun 24,2019
After 100 years, Shoal Lake 40 First Nation finally has an all-season connection to the rest of Canada. talked with people involved in Freedom Road about how the model could work for other infrastructure projects.
Published On: Jun 03,2019
Many Sioux Lookout residents grapple with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. Mayor Doug Lawrance recently became the first municipal leader in the province to point to colonialism as the cause.
Published On: Mar 22,2019
The 70-year-old residential-school survivor was the first Indigenous teacher at Dryden High School. Today, the Leonard Skye Building Bridges Award is presented in his honour. We spoke to Skye about racism, education, and fighting for the next generation.  
Published On: Mar 07,2019

The Wiindo Debwe Mosewin Patrol monitors the city for people in distress and posts anonymized stories of racism on social media. Critics say it doesn’t value evidence — but the group insists that it’s after a different kind of truth

Published On: Jan 17,2019

EXPLAINER: Two recent reports have identified systemic racism in the Thunder Bay Police Service. Here’s a look at the background, the situation as it stands, and where the city goes from here.

Published On: Jan 10,2019

For years, young people have been leaving for school and work. But the city’s employment landscape is changing — and former residents are heading back to be a part of it.

Published On: Dec 17,2018

Research shows that fish in the area are contaminated with mercury, which can cause serious health problems in people who eat them — so why have they remained a staple of the local diet?

Published On: Oct 22,2018

At this all-Indigenous high school, chef Mandi O’Connor and her students are building community one meal at a time.

Published On: Oct 12,2018

The Farabout Peninsula boasts rare plants, threatened animals, historical artifacts, and more — so why won’t the province protect it permanently?

Published On: Sep 24,2018

Queen’s Park fell silent when MPP Sol Mamakwa paid tribute to 13-year-old Karlena Kamenawatamin, who killed herself last week. Mamakwa spoke to about the suicide crisis on reserves and how government can take action.

Published On: Aug 17,2018

When Finnish immigrants came to northwestern Ontario, they brought the sauna tradition with them — now it’s a way of life there.

Published On: Aug 03,2018

The province has announced that it’s ending the project early. Now some participants are worried that they’ll lose everything.

Published On: Jul 03,2018

A Law Society of Ontario review concludes that lawyers need to radically improve their understanding of Indigenous clients

Published On: Jun 22,2018

The Green Party made modest electoral gains in northern Ontario and believe they can continue to build an environmental movement in resource-extraction regions.

Published On: Jun 06,2018

The relationship between First Nations, the mining industry, and the province remains strained — but there’s hope that progress can be made after June 7.

Published On: May 23,2018

Michael Gravelle has been elected six times, despite northwestern Ontario’s recession and unpopular government policies. Now he’s going for win number seven.

Published On: Apr 27,2018

Surveillance technology may raise privacy concerns — but after several deaths in the Neebing-McIntyre Floodway, many residents now see it as their best option.

Published On: Mar 23,2018

In northwestern Ontario, you’re a long way from the nearest indie theatre. Diehards have built a thriving scene anyway.