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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Jan 24,2020
OPINION: A new report recommends that the city build more homes for the workers. Here’s why policymakers should tread carefully  
Published On: Jan 21,2020
OPINION: We may not agree that cities need more money. We should at least agree that they need different sources of money.  
Published On: Jan 17,2020
OPINION: For the first time in a generation, there are work stoppages at public schools across Ontario. The government doesn’t have to take action now — but it’s unclear how it will win this fight.  
Published On: Jan 14,2020
OPINION: Nuclear accidents can trigger hasty and ill-advised reactions from governments. What about false alarms?
Published On: Jan 10,2020
ANALYSIS: Supporters want the Tories to move on from the battle over same-sex marriage and start taking climate-change seriously — but the party may not be ready to do that.
Published On: Jan 08,2020
The party will be picking a new leader in March. Members need to start seriously considering the choices that lie ahead — and what they think of Kathleen Wynne’s legacy
Published On: Dec 20,2019
OPINION: After a bruising spring and summer, the Tories tried to end their year on a calmer, respectful tone — and then had their plans ruined by stubborn facts.
Published On: Dec 17,2019
OPINION: There will be roughly as many pedestrian road deaths in Toronto this year as there will be gun deaths, but little is being done about the former.
Published On: Dec 13,2019
OPINION: The legislature recessed Thursday and isn’t supposed to be back until February — but the Ontario government has taught us to expect the unexpected.
Published On: Dec 11,2019
ANALYSIS: The Open City Network is a fledgling non-profit with a simple mission to help create smart-city technologies that are publicly owned and based on open standards.
Published On: Dec 09,2019
OPINION: If the Ontario Liberals are trying to choose a leader without starting any new feuds, Sunday’s debate was a decent start. But if they’re trying to figure out what went wrong in 2018, it wasn’t.
Published On: Dec 04,2019
ANALYSIS: Ontario’s auditor general says the Tory climate-change plan assumes imaginary reductions — and still won’t meet the province’s own targets  
Published On: Dec 03,2019
It might not have been the point — but an agreement signed by premiers on Sunday could be the closest thing to a climate policy that Ford and Justin Trudeau can agree on.
Published On: Nov 29,2019
OPINION: We saw a minister state that climate change is caused by humans. We saw the release of a government report on flooding. What we haven’t seen is aggressive action to reduce emissions  
Published On: Nov 26,2019
The ways provinces assess property values create a whole lot of complaints. A new paper offers a few suggestions for how to reform the process.
Published On: Nov 22,2019 speaks with the Liberal leadership candidate about her new affording-housing proposal —and why we to start focusing on the needs of a younger generation.
Published On: Nov 19,2019
ANALYSIS: Four of the five people vying to be the next leader of the Liberal party faced off for the first time on Monday. They had different explanations for how the party got to where it is now — and where it should go from here.
Published On: Nov 12,2019
OPINION: On issues like child care, housing, and climate change, an expanded role for government could actually advance conservative principles.