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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Dec 04,2019
ANALYSIS: Ontario’s auditor general says the Tory climate-change plan assumes imaginary reductions — and still won’t meet the province’s own targets  
Published On: Dec 03,2019
It might not have been the point — but an agreement signed by premiers on Sunday could be the closest thing to a climate policy that Ford and Justin Trudeau can agree on.
Published On: Nov 29,2019
OPINION: We saw a minister state that climate change is caused by humans. We saw the release of a government report on flooding. What we haven’t seen is aggressive action to reduce emissions  
Published On: Nov 26,2019
The ways provinces assess property values create a whole lot of complaints. A new paper offers a few suggestions for how to reform the process.
Published On: Nov 22,2019 speaks with the Liberal leadership candidate about her new affording-housing proposal —and why we to start focusing on the needs of a younger generation.
Published On: Nov 19,2019
ANALYSIS: Four of the five people vying to be the next leader of the Liberal party faced off for the first time on Monday. They had different explanations for how the party got to where it is now — and where it should go from here.
Published On: Nov 12,2019
OPINION: On issues like child care, housing, and climate change, an expanded role for government could actually advance conservative principles.
Published On: Nov 11,2019
OPINION: The Tories are doing a post-mortem on why they came up short in the 2019 election. They may want to think about abandoning a vision voters don’t share.
Published On: Nov 06,2019
ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives have made a fiscal about-face, abandoning spending restraint — and committing big money to various programs.
Published On: Nov 04,2019
The Greens have released a discussion paper on affordable housing. speaks with leader Mike Schreiner about trying to find comprehensive solutions for complex problems.  
Published On: Nov 01,2019 speaks with Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice, about Ontario’s new legislation — and what it will mean for the province’s animals.
Published On: Oct 30,2019
ANALYSIS: A new report from the province’s Financial Accountability Office projects a spike in the need for long-term-care beds — and suggests our system isn’t prepared for it.  
Published On: Oct 28,2019
OPINION: After four months off, it’s business as usual again at the legislature. What should you be keeping an eye on?
Published On: Oct 22,2019
ANALYSIS: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are looking at a minority in the House of Commons — but they still have a chance to make moves on climate change, pharmacare, and more.
Published On: Oct 18,2019
OPINION: The structures and systems we built decades ago don’t reflect reality anymore. Preparing for the floods to come won’t be easy — or cheap.  
Published On: Oct 15,2019
No jobs. No anglophones. No summer. A new report says that myths about northern Ontario are scaring off potential farmers.
Published On: Oct 11,2019
OPINION: What happened to the Syrian restaurant in Toronto this week tells us a lot about what immigration policy can — and can’t — do.
Published On: Oct 08,2019
ANALYSIS: The government negotiated a tentative agreement on Sunday night, keeping kids in class. But there are more negotiations to come — and they’ll only get tougher.